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With so many choices for beach vacations it is difficult to choose just where we want to go. Most of us dream about lying on a beach, getting a suntan, and relaxing. The season doesnít really matter when you decide to take a beach vacation because you have some many spots to choose from all over the world. There are sandy beaches, lava rock, secluded, or popular beaches to choose from. Below are six great beaches you might want to consider when planning your beach vacation.


Polo Beach Hawaii is a sandy beach with clear water, making it ideal for swimming or snorkeling. It is located on South Maui with the Fairmont Kea Lani Maui Resort, a luxury destination for beach goers. You also have the many water options of surfing, scuba diving, windsurfing, or kayaking.

Seven Mile Beach of Negrill in Jamaica is the longest stretch of white sand. It is located near the western tip of Jamaica. The beach is a relaxing stretch of land with coconut palm trees and the sounds of the surf. You might choose to stay at the Caves, a close hotel to the beach.

Dreaming of white sandy beaches in the Caribbean? Then you might want to check out Atlantis Paradise in the Bahamas. Atlantis Paradise gives you long romantic walks on the beach or the chance to have some fun with water activities, such as scuba diving or just swimming. This paradise is a tropical climate with your own personal slice of relaxation.

Heron Island Australia is another great beach vacation destination, located on the Great Barrier Reef. Heron Island offers a beautiful beach for excellent swimming and snorkeling. The marine life available to see while snorkeling is truly amazing and diverse. The tropical island of Heron has over 20 scuba diving sites. It might be impossible to see them all, but even one is worth the trip.

Number five on our list of beach vacations is Maderia Portugal. Maderia offers a different kind of beach from the white sands of the previous ones. The beaches are mostly sharp black rocks, but the view of the ocean and the tropical air makes up for the rough terrain. Youíll spend a lot of time relaxing around the pool taking in the views or taking a path to the ocean for swimming. With moderate weather changes you will be able to enjoy the sun and relaxing atmosphere of Maderia at Reidís Palace Hotel.

Looking for a highly popular beach vacation with movie stars and fashion models? Miami Beach is a hot spot for all, especially for spring breakers looking for a great time on a crowded beach. Miami beach is not for those looking to relax, but those looking for entertainment. The beach is covered with miles of fine sand, and several restaurants. Nightlife in Miami Beach is plentiful with long parties at any nightclub. Miami beach also offers many hotels to choose from with great ocean views. Just mentioning six of the many beaches out there gives you an idea of what the world has to offer when looking for the perfect beach vacation.


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