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Beach Vacation: Taveuni Palms, Fiji

Who hasnít dreamed of traveling to Fiji for a great beach vacation with the sun, surf, and of course the water activities. Fiji is one of the most popular places to take a scuba diving or snorkeling trip. So now that you have decided Fiji is the perfect place for your vacation, where are you going to stay?


One intimate retreat on Fiji is Taveuni Palms. Taveuni Palms offers two private guesthouses, a freshwater swimming pool, and a secluded sandy beach. Among other activities to do while in Fiji are kayaking and hiking. There are two separate beachfront villas at the Taveuni Palms that comes with a dedicated staff to make your vacation more relaxing. The staff is truly excellent in making your stay comfortable and possibly the best. Each villa has a pool, two bedrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen. The outdoor deck has furniture for those relaxing meals, or simply to watch the sunset. The gorgeous sunsets will turn into beautiful tropical nights with the waves rolling onto the beach and the starlit sky bringing the romantic mood to light.

Taveuni Island is well known for its colorful and unique sea life, from the tropical fish to the variety of corals. A few of the best diving spots on Taveuni Island include Great White Wall, Rainbow Reef and Purple Wall. Great White Wall surrounds a tunnel that has two exits. One exit is at 33 feet while the other is at a greater depth of 88 feet. Surrounding you in the tunnel will be coral giving off a soft white glow, hence the name Great White Wall.

With scuba diving being the hottest activity in Fiji, especially on Taveuni Island its no small wonder they offer instructors just minutes from the Taveuni Resort. Instructors can teach you the basics of diving or continue your diving education. If you have dove before and are advanced certified I recommend you visit the greater depths of the Great White Wall. The dive centers will of course rent equipment if you feel you donít want to lug yours all the way to Fiji.

Traveling to your resort will require landing at Nadi International airport located in Fiji. From the airport you will catch a connection to Taveuni Island and then just a five-minute ride later you will be at the Taveuni Palms.

Taveuni Palm is just one resort you can stay at when you head to Fiji. There are other hotels on the Island of Fiji if you wish for a less remote resort. Fiji has many attractions including scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Whether you travel to Fiji with your family or perhaps for your honeymoon you will not be disappointed in your beach vacation.


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