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Beach Vacations Perfect For Winter Months

Looking for a vacation during those long winter months? Beach vacations are a dream when the snow starts falling and though it can be difficult to find a beach during winter that is still perfect there are still many options to choose from. Below are a few great spots for that winter time beach vacation destination.


Molokai Ranch and Lodge located on the Molokai Hawaiian Island has a white sandy shore perfect for a winter vacation. The lodge is unique because you stay in comfortable tents rather than a hotel room. Each canvas bungalow sits upon wooden platforms with the option of a queen bed or double beds. They are solar powered and all have a private bathroom. Molokai Ranch and Lodge has over 4000 acres, which includes seaside cliffs. Outdoor activities available includes sea kayaking, mountain biking, cultural hikes and horseback riding. Kids have the options of Hawaiian arts and crafts, nature walks, horseback riding and playing in tidal pools.

Grand Wailea Resort in Hawaii is another place for a warm winter vacation. Wailea has several water attractions such as lagoons, water slides, waterfalls and even a lazy river. The Hibiscus pool is 4580 square feet or you have the option of the Canyon activity pool that is 25,700 square feet. These pools offer so many activities you may not need to go to the beach to have fun, but of course the option is always available.

The Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas is another fine place to take a winter vacation. The Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island offers eleven swimming pools, lazy river rides, and Mayan Temple water slides. Atlantis also has an amazing marine habitat for those interested in scuba diving or snorkeling. There are lagoons with over 50,000 sea animals live in their waters.

Number four on the list of winter vacations is Club Med. The Dominican Republic has worked hard to establish a family destination. Club Med in Punta Cana is just such a destination. This location encompasses all the amenities of a fine tropical resort, plus kids programs and water sports. It is a unique resort for your family.

The Virgin Islands is our last destination with the Virgin Islands National Park. The vacation spot is home to white sandy beaches and comfortable tent cottages for lodging. These lodges are built on platforms with one sleeping area, and a private deck. The water sports include kayaking, snorkeling, wind surfing, and scuba diving. You also have an outdoor restaurant or you might choose to cook your own meals.

Winter vacation spots are not too hard to find if you know where to look. With snow looming it is easy to see why some one might want to choose a vacation on a tropical island. Even if you donít have snow and wish for a warm beach away from home you want be disappointed in our choices above.


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