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Family Beach Vacation Ideas

Beaches extend throughout the entire world. Choosing a place for your family vacation may seem daunting at first. The beaches available differ extremely from one side of the country to the next. For example you have beaches in Juneau, Alaska that are primarily made of rock. If you visit anywhere in Florida you’re going to find white sandy beaches. Below are a few of the top beaches your family might want to visit.


Beach Vacation Destination: Hawaii

Maui is number one on the list. Maui has a wide spread of beach and plenty of hotels to choose from. If your hobbies include golf you might want to check out the Kapalua Resort. Guests at this hotel receive lower golf rates than non-guests; this is just one of the perks. The actual hotel at Kapalua Resort is name Kapalua Bay Hotel. The resort also includes Kapalua villas and the Ritz- Carlton Kapalua. If golf is not your passion you might look towards the Napili Kai Beach Resort, which is one bay over from Kapalua Resort. This resort is a low-rise family oriented place offering comfortable beachfront condos. One of family oriented programs is the complimentary children’s program for those ages 6 to 12.

The island of Molokai is mostly uninhabited by tourists, making there beaches prime areas to spend some quiet time with your family. To reach this island you have to take a ferry or fly by plane from Honolulu. The island is ideal for those who like the outdoors with some adventure attached.

Beach Vacation Destination: Florida

Leaving the islands of Hawaii we have beaches in the United States worth visiting. The beaches of Florida is number two on our list. Deciding just where to go in Florida is the difficult; you have the Keys, Palm Beach, Orlando, and the Gulf of Mexico. Key West is a spot to hit if your heading down the keys, with the rich culture and diversity you won’t be bored. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and beaches to sun on. A popular place in Palm Beach Florida is the Breakers Hotel with ½ mile of sandy beach, a spa, and golf course. There is also a separate pool for the kids, a family entertainment center, and of course a kid’s program. Moving a little further north and inland is Orlando. While it may seem strange that Orlando would have beaches, they do, like the Loews Hard Rock Hotel. This hotel offers miles of white sandy beach and amusement rides including a 240-foot slide.

Beach Vacation Destination: California

Heading back west we have the beaches of sunny California. One such resort is the Hotel Del Coronado. This hotel offers many different facilities for families, including kayak, surfing, and tennis lessons.

Whether your family decides to head over the Pacific for a gorgeous spot on the Hawaiian Islands or some place a little closer to home you won’t have trouble finding the perfect beach resort. Even if your search takes you to a little known vacation spot for the perfect beach you will enjoy your family’s beach vacation.


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